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Use clever web site code to hide your e-mail address from bots and protect you from SPAM!!!!!!


Spam is a major problem for all of us. If you use one of the major web sites for your e-mail services there is not a lot you can do, but if you have your own web site, and your own domain name, it is possible to reduce or even prevent spam by the use of this clever script:

E-mail AntiLeech

(N.B. This is a free script originally written and copyrighted by Boweries but which I can no longer find on their web site. It is important that we all respect their work by including the reference to them in the script.)

This is a simple script that will prevent software "robots" from detecting your e-mail address on your web site, and yet bona fide visitors can.

What to do..

Insert the following code between the <head> tags:

<!--E-MAIL ANTILEECH SCRIPT by Frederic Andrieux & Boweries Inc. Ltd. (c)2002-->
<script language="javascript">
function sendmail (address){
address=address.split("*");//You can change the * to any string

If you wish to make it more difficult for a programmer to build a script that would automatically read the * as @, just modify the following line:


and replace the * with any string of your choice without spaces, remembering to start and end with anything but a letter, a number, an underscore, a hyphen or a dot.

Then replace all instances of @ in all e-mail addresses with the string or sign you set previously and replace all usual

<a href=">

with the new syntax (type as one line):

<a href="javascript://" onClick="sendmail('myaddress*'); return false">

Important: Remember to avoid writing the actual e-mail address as the link as it would make the script useless. I use an image. You can use a form of words.

I believe that even if you are already receiving a lot of spam mail, making this change will reduce the amount over time. Also, never reply to spam, never open it. Only if the e-mail is from a business you know, should you follow unsubscribe and similar links to end their junk mail.

Since I originally wrote this page, Frederic Andrieux the original author of this script has e-mailed me and advised that you can read the original for yourself by following this link.

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