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Stained Glass in Riga, capital of Latvia as seen by Tony Banfield


Detail, Art Academy

So,Riga is the new Prague ..... unfortunately with the same stag/hen-party idiotic British alco-tourists threatening to spoil the serenity of what is a truly delightful new jewel in the crown of the enlarged European Community.

On the left: Detail, Art Academy. Note the painted leaf-veins.


Museum of Decorative Arts

Nowadays the remaining Russians are still the majority of the population, still there with their own languaage and culture, living almost separately from the Latvians.

Museum of Decorative Arts
One of a pair of panels about 60" x 30"


Museum of Decorative Arts

Many of the Latvians are the new travelling cheap-labour "gastarbeiters" of Europe......Ireland has 50,000 Latvians (and 100,000 Poles!) registered as workers there, the minumum Irish wage being ten times the minimum in Latvia.

This picture: Museum of Decorative Arts
A detail showing the excellent painting. Much Latvian decorative art is folk-themed.


Fused and leaded panel

Fused and leaded panel.
I found this terrific combo-technique panel on the internet, and it said it was in the Dome.... and we were really disappointed to find it's no longer on show.


Apartment block transom (7 feet wide)

Apartment block transom (7 feet wide)
The hall-doorway was open ...I just walked in....residents coming downstairs passed this cheeky SG-tourist and just smiled ....friendly town!


Riga Old Town window

Riga Old Town window
Not a bad pic considering I took it at night, from the street, without flash ,and enhanced a very dark image with Kodak Easyshare. No idea of a date...could be modern.

Editor's note:
The fused and leaded panel further up, and this one are my favourites.


Ex-Soviet states are a great place to get bladdered....all the taxi drivers are you just fall drunk into the cab, and they already know who you are and where you live.

Anyhoo...... enjoy!!!


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