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COPPER TAPE FOILERS, applying copper tape to Stained Glass


COPPER TAPE FOILERS: Diegel, Inland, Glastar, Tabletop

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Many years ago, when I first bought a machine to apply copper foil, I was, like many, totally driven by price. Nevertheless, I wanted the machine to speed up my work and improve the quality of my foiling.

In the UK there are three good foilers that you can use for this:

The Table Top foiler - available from Decorative Glass Supplies
Diegel Foiler - available from Tempsford Stained Glass
Glastar Foiler - available from Retro Glass


TableTop Foiler

The Table Foiler (available from Decorative Glass)

This foiler is very simple to set up. You just adjust the height of the wheel so that the tape is centred on the glass. The beauty of this foiler is that it just sits on your bench. No clamp needed.
The tape is partly crimped as you move the glass against it. The most accurate of the three foilers featured.
Quite expensive for how simple it is, but it works surprisingly well.
Remove factory label before use, as it gets in the way.
Any size tape, but only one roll at a time.


Diegel Foiler

The Diegel Foiler (available from Tempsford Stained Glass)

Sets the tension by means of push on clamps. It remains as set.
Wheels:  The Diegel wheels are a very hard plastic with a groove the exact size of the copper tape.  This means that the tape is kept in exactly the same position at all times.
You centre the glass on the tape by eye, which is easily done.
The wheels on the Diegel are much smaller than the other brands, allowing machine foiling on a much tighter radius, and on smaller pieces of glass.
Because the Diegel does not attempt to process the tape as it passes through, it keeps the tape exactly flat on the wheels.  This allows the artist to accurately locate the glass edge on the tape. When it is then hand crimped, it is found to be very even and neat giving an unbeatable finish.
Two rolls of tape can be set up at a time. All standard sizes.
Had mine for ten years and it still works perfectly.


Glastar Foiler

The Glastar Foiler (available from Retro Glass)

The easiest to set up of the three. The tension is set by tightening or loosening a screw on the wheel axle. When the wheels turn, the tendency is for the screw to tighten or loosen. The tension requires constant tweaking.
The wheels apply and crimp simultaneously, labour saving but requiring care to keep the tape centred and running cleanly.

Two rolls of tape can be set up at a time. All standard sizes.


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