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published by Dover Publications at £12.72, ISBN 0-486-99533-X
369 different Permission-Free Designs
CDROM containing all the designs in high quality 600 dpi TIFF, PICT, EPS, BMP, JPEG, GIF format black and white line drawings.

This is a stained glass design book with a CD. Exciting it is to have the CD with all the designs in so many formats, making it easy for all of you out there, to use them.

I have seen most of these designs before. They come from Dover's book Treasury of Traditional Stained Glass, published in 1981. For example, page 2 of the two books is identical. If you have that book, you pretty well have this one, except for the CD.

If you don't have the original book, you are buying a great stock of standard designs that we see in houses all over the UK. Periods covered are Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco, and 1930's.

So! How do we rate this book?

Degree of difficultyEASY
Quality of paper and print# # # #
Colour pictures# # # # #
Line drawings# # # # #
Pattern Interest#
Overall# # #

Available from Decorative Glass Supplies, Yorkshire.


ART NOUVEAU STAINED GLASS Detail from design 002

CDROM and BOOK: 114 Permission Free Window Designs, all in colour.
published by Dover Publications at £15.99, ISBN 0-486-99567-4

The CDROM contains all these designs in 300 dpi TIFF format colour images.

This is an exciting book; it has the best Art Nouveau designs that I have seen for a long time.

I have to admit that most are complex, but good Art Nouveau windows usually are! There are all kinds from those with a clear centre, framed by exciting art nouveau detail, those with a design in the centre, so that all the window is a nouveau extravaganza, and those with a pastoral scene in the centre, framed by art nouveau swirls and flows.

All line drawings are on the CD.

So! How do we rate this book?

Degree of difficultyINTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED
Quality of paper and print# # # # #
Colour pictures# # # # #
Line drawingsALL ON THE CD
Pattern Interest# # # # #
Overall# # # #

Available from Decorative Glass Supplies, Yorkshire.


Detail from a window influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright

Grand Domestic Projects by Preston Studios
published by Wardell Publications Inc., ISBN 0-919985-37-8

The collection of images in this book traces a 25 year exploration of artistic themes by Preston Studios.

Most of the projects feature grand entryways and there is a LOT of bevelled glass.

Preston studios like curvy flowing designs and there are plenty of those. A good balance is achieved with their section on abstract and artdeco .

There are numerous excellent colour plates over 79 pages, each and every one an inspiration.

So, how do we rate this book?

Quality of paper and print# # # # #
Colour pictures# # # # #
Content# # # # #
Degree of Interest# # # # #
Overall# # # # #

Available from your stained glass merchant. Review copy provided by Wardell Publications.


The Alberta Water Lily in stained glass

WORK in PROGRESS by Glassmith Studios
published by CST Publications Inc.,ISBN 0-9693533-2-4

This is the third in a series of stained glass window panels and light catchers. It is a fat book with no less than 97 patterns!

The designs are modern, many are floral, and most are relatively easy from a technical point of view.

There are some gems: the Alberta Water Lily (on the cover) and the Penguins, which I particularly like, for example. There is also an excellent Rabbit from the 100 Acre Wood, on the Kid's Page.

This book is purely a feast of designs (There are no instructions, and only a few colour plates).

How do we rate this book?

Degree of difficultyMEDIUM
Quality of paper and print# # # #
Colour pictures# #
Line drawings# # # # #
Pattern Interest# #
Overall# # # #

On the cover is the Northern Lights panel

Available from Decorative Glass Supplies

Reviewed 3rd October 2001

Decorative Glass Supplies also stock the second book in the series, Northern Lights, shown here.


Detail of the Wirch's Cauldron by Jillian Sawyer
Author: Jillian Sawyer
Published by the Original Redback Press, Australia

This book by Jillian Sawyer features many of the doors and windows of her career.

Her earlier work is more traditional than the recent, but the latter designs tend to be more interesting.

A bit of a problem for me, because I am very much a traditionalist.  There is something for everybody in this book, from simple to complex, traditional to modern.  There is one great strength in Jillian's designs.  She understands the structures in stained glass panels so her designs are manageable and will stand up to the rigours of transport and installation.

I have shown a detail from the Witch's cauldron which is in the famous Perth (Australia) restaurant of the same name.  I could not decide whether this or the Harlequin was my favourite design from the book.

You get value for money here with about EIGHTY designs. There are full colour plates of most of them!

How do we rate this book?

Degree of difficultyEASY (MOSTLY)
Quality of paper and print# # # # #
Colour pictures# # # # #
Line drawings# #
Pattern Interest# # #
Overall# # # # #



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