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Tiffany: Lamps and Metalware

Tiffany: Lamps and Metalware
Alastair Duncan

Published by Antique Collectors Club
ISBN13: 978-1-85149-517-7
Retail Price 95.00
Reviewed by Ed Potterton

This book weighs in at over 3.5 kgs, with 527 pages and over 1937 photographs. It is something of a catalogue of Tiffany Lamps and Metalware.

> At first glance I thought it was attempting to be competition for Neustadt's "The Lamps of Tiffany" but it is not. Neustadt's book is a learned text book with considerable discussion about minutiae in the designs. This book is aimed fairly and squarely at Antique Collectors, but looks to be of considerable interest to those of us who like to make Tifany look-a-likes. It is inspirational even, and should move the more adventurous to try something a little different!

This later book itself states it cannot be called a catalogue of Tiffany Lamps or Metalware, as such a thing is an impossibility. Maybe, but it looks like one, and each section has a preamble with reference to the Tiffany Catalogues and price lists, patents, and signatures. There is a huge number of excellent photographs, many of them colour plates, each one numbered. Each item pictured has its Tiffany Catalogue number and name alongside.

The index has a chronological list of model numbers produced by the Tiffany Studios. I have a feeling there will not be much out there that is not featured.

There are ten chapters:
Oil Lamp BasesOil Lamp Bases Electric LampsElectric Lamps
Leaded shadesLeaded shades Floor LampsFloor Lamps
Hanging ShadesHanging Shades SconcesSconces
Misc ArticlesMisc Articles CandlesticksCandlesticks Candlesticks
Fancy GoodsFancy Goods Desk SetsDesk Sets

How do I rate this book (as a stained glass artist):

Aesthetic Interest            # # # # #
Technical Interest            # # #
Quality of Paper and Print # # # # #
Colour Plates                    # # # # #

I was really inspired by this beautiful; however I would have liked a little more technical detail.

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