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Detail from a Victorian Window A Tiffany beauty discussed in the book

DECORATIVE GLASS of the 19th and Early 20th Centuries by NANCE FYSON
Published by CS Graphics, ISBN 07153 1258 8, Priced at £16.99

Here is a fantastically produced paperback, at a very reasonable price that makes good reading for anyone interested in stained glass.

It is largely historical, covering many elements of how stained glass developed up to 1930, with lavish example illustrations. Areas covered are window panels as well as lamps and other early alternate uses of stained glass. Lots to inspire both professionals and amateurs, alike..

It looks to me to be a great reference book for placing stained glass in certain periods or influences, but also great for ideas and ways to produce an authentic result with a new project.

A wonderful gift for the stained glass artist who has everything.


The Creation Window Detail from "Day3" of the window

SIX DAYS: The Story of the making of the Chester Cathedral Creation Window

window created by Rosalind Grimshaw, book written by Painton Cowan, published by Alastair Sawday at £12.99, ISBN 1-901970-33-7

This is a wonderful book, not just about the making of a glorious window, but also about the artist who created it, Rosalind Grimshaw.

She suffers from Parkinson's disease, and yet has the grit and spirit that have enabled her to do this window, in spite of ridiculously short planning and execution times.

The navigation through the book is not easy, unless you choose to go from cover to cover, WELL worth the journey. It is an attempt to explain the window, its making, and its remarkable creator which it achieves admirably.

This is a stunning book that would make a wonderfully stimulating and fascinating read for all stained glass artists, experienced, or just starting out. Its a can't put down, can't forget chronicle, diary, examination. Don't miss it!


The cover design is called  Alberta Water Lily

WINDOWS FOR THE SOUL; Ecclesiastical Art Glass at Bovard Studio
published by Wardell Publications Inc., ISBN 0-919985-32-7, Priced at £17.29

This is a beautiful book, and would make a marvellous addition to the bookshelf for anyone seriously interested in making stained glass windows.

Its an intriguing mix, with at least 19 fantastic and major projects featured in detail, intermingled with plenty of information on how these windows are made, and the thought processes taken on some of the work done by this studio.

There are so many lovely photographs the book defies description. There are 157 pages, each and every one with several colour plates. The book both inspires artists, and informs prospective clients. It is about ecclesiastical stained glass, written to be readable AND interesting.


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