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Tuschinski Theatre Tuschinski Theatre outside window Stained Glass Window Gallery Stained Glass Stained Glass on the Gallery 3 panels of stained glass Glass and Metal art work Tuschinsky

In September 1999 I went to Amsterdam to find the Tuschinski Theatre. Built round about 1920 by three Dutch entrepreneurs, the theatre is a delightfully over the top mix of art deco, baroque and a few other artistic styles.  The owners, including Mr Tuschinski wanted the theatre to be extravagantly decorated - and it certainly turned out that way. There are fifty stained glass windows in the front facade alone.
I re-visited the theatre in 2014. The finished restoration is magnificent.

The theatre is easy to find. From the railway station walk straight ahead down the very wide main road for about 3/4 mile.  It is then just on the left.

It has been progressively restored, and so is well worth a visit. You cannot get in too easily but during the summer there are guided tours available.
I was lucky, back in 1999, and the manager took me round, personally.

There are windows the full length of each gallery all the way round the theatre on each floor.

There is beautiful is art work made using glass and metal.

The manager who took me around and very proudly showed me his magnificent theatre.   The lamp he is standing next to is made of silk. It is in original condition and dates from when the theatre was built.

It was a fascinating visit. Do not go to Amsterdam without taking a look at this great and extravagent Art Deco building.


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