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Solar Stains Engineered Art panel


Here is a site well worth a visit. Very unusual stained glass art work using lots of different techniques and materials. The artist also hands out a good dose of philosophy.


Glassworks's Green Man

Latest onto our Green Man page is this panel
made by Sarah Bristow, Glassworks, Norwich.
It is so good!


Roof tops in St Petersburg


St Petersburg rooftops in stained glass by
Katerina Shornikova. I like her use of colour.


Norfolk stained glass

SEEN in NORFOLK, August 2016.

While taking a break in Norfolk (lots to do and see) I went to visit Keith Nelson
(Antique and Period Stained Glass) in Coltishall, and found his magnificent Heron,
standing at about four feet, outside the entrance.
A very clever three dimensional piece of art.
Keith is some artist.


jdagualluvia stained glass


Posted by jdagualluvia; I don't think he is actually a stained glass artist.
Not sure where or who, but this very interesting glass panel appears amongst his other posts.


stained glass seen on Instagram


Posted by Kris Grover, stained glass artist.
Kris has produced the best we have seen on Instagram in the last four weeks.
I like his stained glass work, I must say.


stained glass by linus galleries Prescott, Arizona artist Jooj Hooker


Posted by Linus GalleriesPrescott, accepted this stunning stained glass panel by Arizona artist Jooj Hooker
into their Art and the Senses online art competition.


Spectrum stained glass

Spectrum Announce Closure (MAY 2016)

EXTRACT from the announcement:

"We are making an extraordinarily difficult announcement today. After serving the art and specialty glass industry for 40 years, it is
with very heavy hearts that we must announce the closure of Spectrum Glass Company. Due to several factors, it is no longer financially
feasible for our company to continue to operate.

We will continue manufacturing through June and July 2016, and will sell the product inventory currently on hand over the months ahead.

Market factors have played the most significant role. Our facility was built to support product demand at the height of art glass movement,
but our sales never fully recovered following the Great Recession.

Additionally, the entire U.S. art glass industry is now being evaluated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with respect to potential
new regulations. Long-standing interpretations of air quality regulations are being re-evaluated, and if new regulations were applied to our
facility, it would require substantial capital expenses. Spectrum Glass Company has operated well within existing environmental guidelines
and has been the only stained glass manufacturer to employ baghouse technology on furnace exhaust.

Still, we have already accrued extraordinary, unanticipated expenses since the start of the EPA evaluation and cannot withstand additional investments of an unknown scale for an already faltering business."


Cadmium in red glass


Bullseye Glass has suspended the use of Arsenic and Cadmium because of air quality
concerns. Hot colours are affected, reds, pinks, purples etc. We suspect that this is likely to spill over to other manufacturers.

This is an interesting one, because Bullseye are taking action without being required to.
Although significant levels of these chemicals were detected in their car park, the authorities
have not required any action be taken.

This situation has led to panic buying in the USA. I expect this will result in a shortage of Bullseye reds,
even the opaques, and quite soon a rollover into other makes of glass.

And on their web site:


Re: Comments of Bullseye Glass Company on the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality's proposed temporary rule limiting
metals emissions from small colored art glass manufacturers. Submitted March 30, 2016
Dear Commissioners:
Bullseye Glass Company ("Bullseye") encourages the Oregon Environmental Quality Commission ("EQC") not to adopt
the "Air Quality 2016 Temporary Rule" (the "Rule") proposed by the Department of Environmental Quality ("DEQ").
The Rule is regulatory action based on fear and speculation, not fact nor science. It is a misguided political attempt
to bypass regular, deliberate rule making procedures without justification and would enshrine unworkable, unnecessary and
possibly fatal burdens on glass manufacturers in the Portland area.


1865 Green Man, Alkmaar, Netherlands.

Latest onto our Green Man page is this panel, apparently dated 1865
(but this may be a commemorative date), sent in by Roel Hildebrand, (DE ALKMAARSE GLAS IN LOOD)
The panel was bought in, and Roel is not certain of its age or even whether it is German or Dutch. Very good condition and very detailed.


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